Scratch-off labels

A scratch-off label is always something exciting for your consumer: has he/she won a price? What is his/her discount? Scratch-off labels bring out our inner child. This is why this silvered layer is often used for contests, tombolas, discounts, passwords and so on.

Why choose our scratch-off labels?

Scratch-off labels are a delicate matter. The upper layer must be soft enough so as to need few effort to be removed. Otherwise, too much scratching might smear the underlying printed logo, text or image. On the other hand, the upper layer must be strong enough so as not to be removed before scratching: on a package, in a bag, and so on.

Conti-Label stands for this ideal removability. Our team is equipped with nearly 30 years of experience and the latest printers on the market. We combine various printing techniques in order to offer you top quality products which are also custom-made.

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