Transparent product labels

A label that is actually not really a label since its transparency makes it invisible? Our no-label look, or transparent product labels, stronglier displays your products.

Transparent product labels are the newest trend: they are nearly invisible and do not look like product labels. As a result, the product in itself is given more space and visibility. Transparency is usually used for beauty product, food packages and beverages.

Get the no-label look!

Thanks to transparent product labels, it seems as if the information is printed on the package. The product is 100% visible and consumers perfectly know what they are buying. In this way, they will be more eager to trust (and buy) your brand. The no-label look is not just a trend, it is a commercial advantage!

Other labels

Transparent products labels are only one of many Conti-Label products. Our offer is more diversified, be sure to have a look at it!

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