Dry Peel labels

A Dry Peel label is similar to a coupon. Yet, while the coupon remains partially glued to the package, the Dry Peel label can be completely removed from the product. The upper layer is not adhesive whereas the underlying label is transparent and adhesive.

The front as well as the back of the upper layer can be printed. In the end, only one label remains on the package, which can be printed or left transparent. If you choose a see-through label, your product will appear as if without label.

Dry Peel labels, what for?

Dry Peel labels are usually used on-pack. They easily draw the consumer’s attention while you do not need to redesign the package of your product. Just add a sticker and the work is done. But there is more. Dry peel labels are easily removed from the product. Thanks to the transparent lower layer, your product appears as usual once the upper layer removed. It is then a useful tool to give additional details, promotions or an internet code without altering the design of your product.

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