Booklet labels

You wish to give more details to your consumers? You have to give more explanation about a contest or a product? You seek to give a manual and instructions to your clients? Or your food products go with a little cookbook? You have found what you need! Booklet labels give you the necessary space for all this information.

What’s in a booklet?

Conti-Label is characterized by its numerous printing techniques and materials. These features enable us to design high-quality and custom-made booklet labels. Indeed, a booklet can consists of various materials that need particular printing techniques.

The booklet is made of a double see-through film which forms the pages. The booklet is also reclosable thanks to its gluing. All pages can be printed except for the one pasted on the package.

Conti-Label offers booklet labels in diverse materials, dimensions and forms in order to perfectly meet your needs.

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