Our history

In 1986, the Pauwels family started fashioning fanfold forms and adhesive labels under the name Conti-Label Pauwels NV. Three years later, in order to meet the ever-growing need for printed labels, they purchase a new press and hire a printer. The true breakthrough happens in 1992, when the company decides to invest in an 8-color high technology printer. The start of a success story.


To keep up with the speedy growth, a continuous investment in staff and machines is needed. Conti-Label counts 43 full-time coworkers nowadays and has 6 printers at its exclusive disposal. The official opening of the new office in January 2010 has given Conti-Label the image and reputation it needs. The company belongs to the top 10 of its Belgian industry and seeks to strengthen its position.


Conti-Label’s 43 full-time coworkers are key to its success. Their expertise, along with great involvement and teamwork, creates impeccable products and quality services. This is why they only call upon the best suppliers in the graphic industry.


Nowadays, Conti-Label combines various printing techniques to meet the clients’ very specific needs: Flexography, screen printing and digital printing. Conti-Label’s aims: choosing, together with the client, the most suitable materials to produce high quality labels.

Conti-Label gives professional advice, you choose!

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